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The AUSS Cultural Heritage Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation founded by John O. Werner. The organization’s objective is “to preserve, promote, and cultivate the Swedish language, customs, traditions, music art and culture.” In 1981 Musiktidning described the Foundation as an organization to be looked upon as being a “Big Brother” which, in time of need, could provide funds for music, directors, and rental fees for rehearsal facilities on a temporary basis. Today the Foundation fills all of the roles described above and annually supports each AUSS chorus based upon a points formula and provides financial assistance for Division and National Conventions.

Pie Chart The AUSS has been a significant part of many of our lives and now needs your help.

Contributions today will help sustain the significant contributions to Scandinavian culture and song. The AUSS is growing. This year alone, three new groups have been added. The Foundation would like to give them the opportunity to grow and thrive, while continuing to support our existing choruses, whose demands are ever increasing. With increased financial flexibility, the Foundation will be able to provide the support needed to effectively conduct Division and National Conventions, as well as, providing the annual support to individual choruses.

Support Opportunities
* Lifetime membership for $1,000.
* Lump sum gift of equities (stock, bonds, mutual funds, etc.) cash, or valuables.
* Multi-year pledge (three to five year) of equities or cash.

Gifts can be unrestricted or restricted as to purpose and use. If restricted for use in support of specific activities (Musiktidning, scholarship, museum, etc.), the funds will be so designated and the income, appreciation and principal will be so earmarked.

Unrestricted gifts, deferred gifts, or bequests upon which the donor places no restriction, upon the determination of the CHF Board, shall make periodic determination with respect to the proper utilization of such gifts as to income, realized capital gain and principal.
* Designated beneficiary on life insurance policy or remainder of IRA 401(k) or similar retirement fund or trust instrument.
* Designate the CHF as the beneficiary in a charitable remainder trust.

The AUSS Cultural Heritage Foundation is committed to providing support to Scandinavian heritage, language and song, and in furtherance of the this support, is embarking on a fund raising campaign called the “1892 Society”. Our goal is to add $400,000 dollars to the existing funds of approximately $600,000, bringing the total of earning assets to $1.0 million. Gifts of any amount are certainly welcome, and if you are not a member of the Foundation, we certainly encourage membership. Gifts and/or multiyear pledges of $1.0 thousand and over qualify you to be a member of the “1892 Society”, and listed in the Society's register.

The AUSS CHF is recognized as a 501 (c) (3) by the IRS, so contributions are tax deductible.

Today, pledges total over 40% of the $400,000 goal. Please join us with your support.

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