American Union of Swedish Singers (AUSS)
Singing Tour of Sweden

July 4-21, 2005

July 7: Many of our group went to the "Allsång" (concert and sing-along) at the Bohus Fortress in Kungälv. Two of the performers were staying at our hotel.

July 8: We visited some pretty gardens throughout our trip, including Trädgårdsföreningen (Garden Society) Park in Göteborg.

July 8: We had a little free time to visit with our relatives. Here we're having dinner with Ellen's cousins Kerstin, Stig-Åke and Katarina in Kungälv.

July 11: In Nusnäs, we visited the factory where they make the world-famous dala horses. We watched how they still hand carve and paint them.

July 11: Here we all are at Dalhalla. It's an old limestone quarry that was converted into an outdoor amphitheater. Our chorus sang a couple of songs there to hear the excellent acoustics.

July 12: The group visited the Jussi Björling Museum in Borlänge. Ken is standing with Harald (the museum director) and Dan (president of the Jussi Björling Society - USA). Harald gave an interesting talk about Jussi. Then we went to Stora Tuna Church, where Jussi is buried. Our chorus sang at his grave site at the request of Jussi's son Lars. We sang "Tonerna" which Jussi used to sing.

July 12: The AUSS chorus performed in Söderhamn at the beautiful Ulrika Eleonora Church. The host chorus, Staffan's Choir, treated us to coffee and pastry beforehand, plus a couple of songs.

July 12: The soloists, directors and accompanist received flowers and the choir's CD from their director.

July 14: We had some free time today to explore Gävle. Some of us visited Sweden's biggest railway museum in Gävle. We both like trains.

July 14: Our chorus posed for pictures before the concert at Hille Church in Gävle. Then we were treated to a smörgåsbord of sandwich fixings.

July 14: Here we are singing a duet (Dansen på Sunnanö) at the concert at Hille Church in Gävle. The soloists, directors and accompanist each received a pretty glass candle holder and candle. Every member of the chorus got a hand written note of thanks on a post card of the church. It was a nice touch.

July 18: We crossed the Arctic Circle on our way to Jokkmokk. We saw reindeer and sampled reindeer meat. We stopped at a glass blower's shop and a Sami (Lapp) artist's studio.

July 18: Storforsen (The Large Rapids) in northern Sweden was spectacular. Besides the large falls, there were many smaller falls and cascades.

July 20: Ellen helped to lead the sing-along at the final dinner in Stockholm.

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