Our Current Repertoire

Our repertoire consists primarily of Swedish music, such as dance tunes, folk music, and traditional songs. We also sing show tunes, religious songs, patriotic numbers and a variety of others - some are in English and some are in Swedish. We are always working on new songs, so this list will never be complete, but it contains most of our music.

Presenting 2 Centuries of Swedish music
Complete programs for groups:

"A Swedish Christmas" - from Lucia to Tjugondedag Knut. The 1/2 hour program begins with Ellen entering as Lucia and ends with audience members (optional) dancing around the Christmas tree.

"Two Centuries of Swedish Music" This multi-media presentation includes Bellman, Taube, Björling, Alice Babs, choral singing, ABBA, folk music, and Swedish-American humor. Our live music is woven around recordings and a PowerPoint presentation. Can run 45 minutes to 1 hr 15 min.

Ken’s Repertoire:

Carl Michael Bellman (1740-1795)
Fjärlin vingad sins på Haga (The Butterflies Over Haga)
Opp, Amaryllis! (Up, Amaryllis!) (Fredman’s Song Nr 31)
Så lunka vi så småningom (Away We Trot) (Fredman’s Song Nr 21)
Stolta Stad (Splendid Isle) (Epistle Nr 33)

Evert Taube (1890-1976)
Calle Schewens vals (Carl Schewen’s Waltz)
Kom i min famn(Come into my arms)
Nocturne (Sov på min arm) (Sleep On My Arm)
Så skimrande var aldrig havet (Never Gleamed the Sea So Brightly)
Älskliga blommor små (Beloved Small Flowers)
Änglamark (Angel’s garden)

Religious Songs
Blott en dag (Day By Day) - Oscar Ahnfelt (1813-1882), lyrics by Lina Sandell-Berg
O Store Gud (How Great Thou Art) - Carl Boberg (1859-1940)
Tryggare kan ingen vara (Children of the Heavenly Father) - German folk tune, lyrics by Lina Sandell-Berg

Other Swedish Songs
Kung Heimer och Aslög - August Söderman (1832-1876)
Land du Välsignade (Thou Blessed Land) - Ragnar Althen ((1883-1961)
Tonerna (The Tunes) - Carl L. Sjöberg (1861-1900)

Show Tunes
Almost Like Being in Love (from “Brigadoon”) - Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe
Heather on the Hill (from “Brigadoon”) - Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe

Christmas Songs
Hosianna (Hosannah)
Jul, jul, strålande jul (Christmas, Christmas, Radiant Christmas)
Staffansvisan (Staffan’s Story)

Other Songs
Ombra mai Fu - Georg Frederick Handel (1685-1759)
Shall I Compare Thee To a Summer’s Day - Jeffrey DeLay, text by William Shakespeare
Zueignung (Dedication) - Richard Strauss (1864-1949)

Ellen’s Repertoire:

Swedish Dance Tunes
Dans på logen (Dance In the Barn) - traditional
Dansen på Svinnsta Skär (The Dance On Svinnsta Skerry) - Gideon Wahlberg
En gång jag seglar I hamn (One Day I’ll Sail Into the Harbor) - Stig Olin
Fiolin min (My Violin) - Jon Erik Öst
Fryksdalsdans Nr 2 (The Dance in the Fryk Valley #2) - Ernst Willners
Koster valsen (Koster Waltz) - traditional
Man ska leva för varandra (We Should Live For Each Other) - Bengt Sundström
Min älskling (My Darling) - Evert Taube (1890-1976)
Nidälven (The Nid River) -
Sjung och le (Sing and Smile) - Olle Bergman (1882-1946).
Vid Färjestaden (At Ferry Town) - Sven Scholander (1860)-1936), text by Erik Axel Karlfeldt

Other Swedish Songs
Ack Värmeland, du sköna (O Värmland, Thou Lovely) - Folk tune
I folkviseton (Kärleken kommer och kärleken går) (Love Comes and Love Goes) - Torgny Björk (1938- )
Midsommarblomster (Midsummer Flowers) - Lille Bror Söderlundh
När jag blev sjutton år (When I Became Seventeen) - Swedish folk tune, text by Henrik Liljebörn
Out in the Open (Öppna Lanskap) - Ulf Lundell (1949-
Uti vår hage (Out In Our Meadow) - traditional folk tune from Gotland

Religious Songs
All Things Bright and Beautiful
The Gift of Love
The Green Cathedral - Carl Hahn & Gordon Johnstone
Lovad vare Herren Gud (Praised Be the Lord God) - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)
Tryggare kan ingen vara (Children of the Heavenly Father) - German folk tune, lyrics by Lina Sandell-Berg

Christmas Songs
O Helga Natt (O Holy Night)
Sankta Lucia (Saint Lucia)
Tomtarnas julnatt (The Gnomes' Christmas Night)

Other Songs
Could I Have This Dance - Wayland Holyfield and Bob House
Edelweiss (from “The Sound of Music”) - Rodgers & Hammerstein
My Favorite Things (from “The Sound of Music”) - Rodgers & Hammerstein
The Song Inside Me - Mary Donnelly & Jeanne Reed
Strong Enough To Bend - Don Schlitz & Beth Nielson Chapman
Top of the World - Bettis & Busby
Wind Beneath My Wings - Gary Morris
You Light Up My Life - Joe Brooks
You Needed Me - Randy Goodrum

Our duets:

Dansen på Sunnanö (The Dance at Sunnan Island) - Evert Taube (1890-1976)
Hej, tomtegubbar (Hi, Old Men Gnomes)
Hälsa dem därhemma (Greet Those At Home)
Hulda's Good Svedish Meatballs
Yohnie Yohnson and Kristina Yohnson's Vedding
Man ska leva för varandra (We Should Live For Each Other) - Bengt Sundström
Nu är det jul igen (Now It’s Christmas Again)
Nu har vi ljus (Now We Have Light)
Nu tändas tusen juleljus (Now Light a Thousand Christmas Candles)
När juldags morgon glimmar (When Christmas Morn Is Dawning)
O Lutefisk
Rosa på bal (Rose at the Ball) - Evert Taube (1890-1976)
Vi äro musikanter (We Are Musicians)

All I Ask of You (from “Phantom of the Opera”) - Andrew Lloyd Weber, lyrics by Charles Hart.
All the Things You Are (from “Very Warm for May”) - Jerome Kern
America the Beautiful - Katherine Lee Bates (1859-1929)
Let There Be Peace on Earth - Miller & Jackson
Make Believe (from “Show Boat”) - Jerome Kern
People Will Say We’re In Love (from “Oklahoma”) -Rodgers & Hammerstein

Betlehem’s stjärna (Bethehem’s Star)
Brän Pers vals (Brän Peter’s Waltz) - a well-known waltz
Brudsmarsch till Per och Anna (Bride’s March for Peter and Anna) - Traditional fiddle tune from Dalarna
Var hälsad sköna morgonstund (We Greet the Beautiful Morning)
Äppelbo gånglåt - a walking tune from Äppelbo

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