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Translations of Swedish Songs (A)

Ack, hör du lilla flicka (Oh, Hear You Little Maid)
Come with me my pretty little maiden,
Come with me a-dancing!
You and I we make a jolly couple,
You and I we suit each other well.

Tell me little maid – now hark to me.
Say, will you promise my true love to be?
Tell me little maid – now hark to me.
Will you promise my true love to be?
Tra-la-la-la-lay, nay, I say you nay.
Tra-la-la-la ……..
Nay, I say you nay.
Tra-la-la-la ……

Tr: Noel Wiren

Ack Värmeland, du sköna (Oh, Värmland, You Beautiful)
(Traditional Swedish folk tune)

O, Värmeland, thou fairest, thou glorious land,
Thou crown among Sweden’s lands!
If ever I reach the blessed promised land
to Värmeland I’ll turn again from Eden.
Yes, there will I live, yes, there will I die:
And if one day from Värmeland I take a bride.
I know I shall never be mistaken.

Aftonen (Skogen star tyst)
Still, still the woods, radiant the heavens
Dim, distant horns fill the air with their echo.
Sunset glowing, slowly, slowly disappearing
Beneath the sea.

Aftonen – betrakta, betrakta! (The Evening, O See, O See)
O see, o see, how slowly it sinks, the fleeting day,
How the mists do quiver, weaving a veil,
For the graceful night.
The songs of the birds are gone from the trees,
And the waves seek rest in rippling beats.

Aftonen (The Evening)
Crimson flames the evening glow,
How quiet it is in forest and grove.
The singers of the forest rest
In the stillness of eventide.
Evening glow, evening peace,
Oh, how beautiful thou art!

Aftonen (The Evening)
(Herman Sätherberg, 1812-1897)

The forest is silent, the sky is clear.
Hark to the lullaby of the cowherd’;s horn
Echoing among valleys and green hills
As the sun quietly descends.

Aftonklockan (The Evening Bells)
(Franz Abt, 1819-1885))

As I listen in the valley to a church bell on the hill
My soul to God is lifted on wings in silent prayer.

In the heaven stars are shining in the quiet hours of night
When strife of the day has ended,
And restful peace with night has blended.

For every gracious gift, this day Thou givest me.
My gratitude in prayer I humbly offer Thee.

When by Thy hand I’m shielded, the night no terror holds,
As in my lowly dwelling I rest in calm repose.

Aftonrodnan (The Red Glow of Evening)
Over the bay’s green colored shores
The evening glow spreads its shimmer of red and gold.
The moon, so friendly, over
Peaceful surroundings
Sprinkles its silver so lovingly.

Tr: Josef Oscarsson

Aftonröster – lad nu dämpet suse
(Evening Voices)

Let Thy song, green forest like a whisper be.
Cease thy roar, oh billow. Lessen now thy surge.

Little blossom, fold thy petals, close them for the night!
Where the flowers dwell, oh bee linger in your flight.

Mountains and deep valleys welcome now this peace,
Which from heaven’s domain descends to all below.

Aftonstämning – mörkgrön granskog (Evening Mood)
Dark green forest-shadows over the inlet,
Thousand dreams come forth and others pass,
While upon the waters silvery ripplets
Evening sunshine rays of bridges cast.
Oh, if I on them away could journey,
Far away from bitter sorrows woe,
Embrace life just like a lovely story
Made from songs of waves and evening glow.

Tr: N. Lindquist

Aftontoner (Evening Tunes)
The night is coming softly laying
On tired earth a misty pall.
And through the pall, pale moon is playing.
Too late to reach a flower small.
If even you would rest pursue
And softly close your eyes so blue!
Do include me in your prayer!
Do include me in your prayer!

Tr: Gottfrid Nelson

Alla de växande skuggor (All the Gathering Shadows)
All, all the gathering shadows
Have deepened and darkened; are one.
Far in the heavens clear beaming,
A star stands I glory alone.
Cloudbanks are heavily drifting, dreaming,
Dew from the flowers is weeping, streaming.
Strangely the ev’ning breezes sigh through the linden.

Tr: De Svenske

Alla fåglar kommit re’n
All the birds have already come,
The spring’s happy guests.
What a sight in the sun,
What a celebration.
The lark is singing.
The spring is forever new.
The flowers are budding,
Spreading happiness to all.

Allt under himmelens fäste (All Under the Heaven’s Hold)
All on a summer’s evening the little stars do shine.
The lad I loved so dearly
He is no longer mine.

I gave my heart completely and never questioned why,
He vowed to be my true love
Until the day I die.

And since my love left me
I found myself anew;
And he will never leave me,
And, oh, his name is Rue.

Tr: Tom Fletcher

Anders, han var en hurtiger dräng (Anders was a lively farmhand)
Anders was a jolly lad,
Hard working,
A big fellow with the strength of four.
All the girls loved him,
But in the end he popped the question
To little Anna. And she said “Yes.”

Ave Maria – nu sol gått (Ave Maria – Now the Sun Sets)
To its palace of gold in the west, the sun has gone to rest
Over hill and dale;
Only the nightingale’s song is ringing.
And the west wind whispers
To the strand’s gentle waves:
Good night, good night – Ave Maria.

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