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Translations of Swedish Songs (C, D)

Calle Schewens vals (Calle Schewen's Waltz)
(Evert Taube, 1890-1976)

On Roslagen’s isle, in a flowery bay,
Where ripples wash in from the sea,
The reeds slowly rock, and the sweet new-mown hay
Is wafting its fragrance to me.
There I sit alone ‘mid the trees by the way
And gaze at the sea-birds on high.
They dive to the water with glitter of spray
And feed, while I watch them and sigh.

I’m mixing my coffee quite freely with rum
To a strength and a flavor just right!
The accordion’s measures alluringly come
From my cabin so gaily alight.
I feel like a boy, though a Grandad am I:
My spirit my grey hair belies.
I only get worse as the years pass me by,
With dancing and maidens’ bright eyes.

Look—there is a gull with a fish he has caught;
But I’m caught by arms soft and white!
My heart is so happy, my years are as naught;
Then play, for I’m dancing tonight!
The sea sends a song, and its fragrance the glade;
Tonight you must stay as my guest.
Here dances Calle Schewen with Roslagen’s maid--
The sunset is in the northwest!

My flowery isle on your bosom you hold,
You tranquil and darkling blue seas!
While July twilight shadows so tender, enfold
All the slumbering bushes and trees.
You’re dancing so quietly, sweet little miss--
I think that all men you despise.
It trembles, that small childish hand that I kiss,
While in minor the waltz softly dies.

But hey, all you fellows who visit my bay
I’m really a sober old man,
When morning has come I must stack up my hay,
And catch all the fish that I can!
The deuce take you, twilight; the morn you disclose
In firtops agleam one by one--
Here dances Calle Schewen with Roslagen’s rose:
He dances while up comes the sun!

That summer day, I looked into your eyes of blue,
I thought the world was mine. Charmaine, alas that was then!
With the sun you went away; our story was so short.

When shall you return to me, Charmaine? My Charmaine?
One Christmas we’ll meet perhaps anew, in the sun’s glow,
I wonder if again you remember the love you gave to me?
You have left me, and I wonder where,
Say when you will come again, Charmaine.

How your rose-red mouth invited me, stands before as yesterday.
I feel even yet the kisses glow and the fragrance of your hair.
Though years have fled, I have not forgotten you, Charmaine.

Tr: by R. Solomonson, ASIMC Minneapolis

Dans På Brännö Brygga (Dance on the Brännö bridge)
There is a dance on the Brännö bridge
An old and dear tradition.
Filled with public and lovely music,
Yes, what is a waltz without the sound of an accordion,
And a dance on the Brännö bridge.
And it is for many a great adventure,
It is so happy and festive
So there out in the west
Blinks the Vinga lighthouse.

From Vinga sand
Is heard on the land
Blended with the accordion music
The throbbing of the fishing boats.
Dancing it goes on
The heart it beats
Beats for a cherished friend
And for Bohus land.

Tr: Bob Voedisch

Dans på Sunnanö (Dance on Sunnan Island)
(Evert Taube, 1890-1976)

There is a dance on Sunnanö. There dances Rönnerdahl
with little Eva Liljebäck at the boarding house ball.
And through the windows flowing in the cool summer night’s breeze
scents of lilac and jasmine in the boardinghouse ballroom.

And little Eva’s arm is round and freckled is her skin
and red as strawberries are her lips and her dress is new.
Mr. Rönnerdahl, it is you, of course, who takes whomever you want
among all the women of the world. That’s what I’ve heard - Ha! Ha!

To take is not my music, no, Miss, but to give!
I squander lavishly, but am rich as long as I can give.
What do you see, then, Mr. Rönnerdahl - perhaps my new skirt?
Yes, that, and perhaps something more! Bring me a good fiddle!

And little Eva dances out with ensign Rosenberg
And no freckles can be seen, so red is her color.
But Rönnerdahl is pale and handsome, and plays like a god,
and is floating in a higher sphere, where Eva is his bride.

Demanten på marssnön (The Diamond on the March snow)
Text:Johan Julius Wecksell
Music: Jean Sibelius

On the drifted snow there shines
a diamond so bright.
There was no tear or pearl
which more brightly ever shone.

From a secret longing
she shines heavenly so:
she looks toward the sun
when in beauty it is seen rising.

At the bottom of the sunbeam
adoring she stands
and kisses it in love,
and melts into a tear.

Oh, happy lot to love
the highest life offers,
to shine in its sunbeam
and die when most beautifully it shines.

Tr: Harald Henrysson and Sue Flaster

Den blomstertid nu kommer
by Israel Kolmodin
This song is often sung at graduations.

The blooming time now comes
with great joy and beauty.
You draw near, sweet summer,
when grass and crops grow.
With gentle and lively heat
to everything that has died,
the sun's rays approach,
and all will be re-born.

The fair flower meadows
and arable noble grains,
the rich herb beds
and grove's green trees,
They will remind us of
the goodness of God's wealth,
we ponder the grace
that lasts all year.

One hears birds singing
with diverse sounds,
must not then our tongue
praise the Lord God?
My soul raises up the glory of God;
Tuning up your joyful song
to those who wish us close
and rejoice at once!

De svenske (The Swedes)
Now come the Swedes, now come the Swedes a-singing
Now come the Swedes, they come singing,
from the plains, from the mountains they come storming down,
our life is a longing, our longing is slow in coming,
now we wish, now we must, now everyone must come along,
now we wish, now we must all come, now must all be along,
now thaws all the frozen, which covers spring's surge,
from the sea through the forest has the spring's driving wind,
hear the winter's salute to the bursting ice's roar,
hear the winter's salute to the bursting ice's roar:
now step, now awaken, now step, now awaken,
now it shall break loose, break loose!

Tr: Einer Oberg, ASIMC Minneapolis

Domaredansen (The judge’s dance)
Now will we begin a judge’s dance, but the judge is not at home.
All those that get into the judge’s dance, their heart shall burn.
All say (them) oh! oh! oh!
All say (them) no! no! no!
(If you) have dreamed of your dearest last night, shall you smile at the light.

Tr: R. Solomonson, ASIMC Minneapolis

Dåne liksom åskan, bröder (Thunder Like the Thunder Storm, Brothers)
Thunder like the Thunder storm, brothers, loud our song of the fatherland
the pulse is burning, the heart is glowing, march forward
yet another time! The honorable emotions of the song
gives birth to the key of the heart is named song. May we
give birth to emotions in melody swear. May we then in melody
swear allegiance hand in hand. Life and
blood for the honor of Sweden our fatherland.
Life and blood for the honor of Sweden.

Tr: Sven Ericsson

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