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Translations of Swedish Songs (N-R)

Naar fjordene blaaner (When Fjords Turn Blue)
When fjords turn as blue as the violet of the field,
and glaciers glisten in the flaming sun;
When the lilies-of-the-valley at the foot of the bird-cherry tree
stand fragrant and fair near the wall of the rocks,
While the river dances wildly through the alder thicket,
and the thrush sings on the spruce-covered mountain side;
then my heart is touched;
I can only whisper: “God bless Thee, Norway, my beautiful native land!”
But when I see the people who till the soil,
who labor on the mountains and on the fjords rich in fish,
The thousands of men who on sea and on land
in the sweat of the brow wind a garland of Norway;
And when I behold the thousands of women who with
charm, faith, and love are at work in their homes,
Then I wave my hat and my heart finds expression:
“Hurrah for my brave and vigorous people!
Hurrah for my powerful countrymen!”

Nu är det sommar (Now It Is Summer)
Now it is summer, the sun is shining
And it’s green and beautiful weather.
Lukewarm is the rain
That moistens the earth
And beautiful blossoms cover the fields.
Sing du-li-du-a-la-lej!
And beautiful blossoms cover the fields.

Now it is summer, the sap is rising,
The fragrance comes from Convallis a Valley,
A tulip grows among the leaves –
It’s like a display on a fine canvas!
It’s like a display on a fine canvas!

O bone Jesu (O Merciful Jesus)
Note: The singable English text on the sheet music is not really a translation of the Latin. Here is a better translation:

O merciful Jesus, have mercy on us,
For you have created us, you have redeemed us
By your most holy blood.

Tr: Fred Fortney

Och jungfrun hon går i ringen (And the Maiden, She Goes in a Ring)
O maiden she goes in a ring (dancing)
With red, golden ribbons
She ties them around her sweetheart’s arm
Dear girl, dear girl do not bind it to tight
Do not fear that I will run away
So the girl proceeds to loosen the gold band
And with haste the roguish boy runs into the woods.
They hunted for him with fifteen guns
And if you want to find me
So here I am.

Tr: Bob Voedisch

Psalm CL (Psalm 150)
Praise ye the Lord! Prais God in His sanctuary!
Praise Him for His mighty acts!
Praise Him according to His excellent greatness!
Praise Him with the sound of the trumpet!
Praise Him with the psaltery and harp!
Praise Him with the timbrel and dance!
Praise Him with stringed instruments and organs!
Praise Him upon the loud cymbals!
Praise Him upon the high sounding cymbals!
Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord!
Praise the Lord!

Rosa på bal (Rose at the Ball)
Fancy me, dancing with Andersson, little me, little me, with Fritiof Andersson,
Who’d have thought I’d be the lucky one, to have such great fun!
Oh, what a wonderful life you most lead, cowboy, musician, you always succeed,
Sailor, adventurer,. Widely adored, how could you ever get bored?

Miss Rose, my life is a pleasure, when I have you by my side,
This is an evening I’ll treasure, though I must roam far and wide.
Helicon sent me amuse in you, Rose, how I admire your color, your pose,
Curls that encircle your profile fine, blue eyes that twinkle and shine.

Fancy me being a muse for you, little me, an inspiration, too!
Will you, Herr Andersson, write for me great poetry!
“Rose at the Ball” is a beautiful name. Sounds so poetic, and might bring acclaim.
Tell me, Herr Andersson, will it be long until you’ve finished my song?

Wait till tonight when we’re dining, then you shall have it, Miss Rose.
Meter and rhyme I’m refining, while we’re conversing in prose.
Hush! No one noticed me kissing your cheek. Here, by your side, I have all that I seek.
Under the moon, lindens blossom anew—Rose, I’m in love with you!

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